This site is the focal point web presence for a small group of people constituting the Special Interest Club called Learning Places.
Learning Places was constituted with an objective to seek out, explore, identify, refine and share best practice principles, values and life learnings which can help to make the world a better place.
The site is simple in format, content and presentation and embodies some of this type of information… as well as pointing to other locations where quality material can be found, related to these goals.
Our members have typically had a life long preoccupation, by way of their own research… and through learning from others…  to continue searching sifting refining learning absorbing testing and assimilating basic concepts, which they have observed actually do work.
The site will continue to grow as we are able to locate new information which adds consistently to this Knowledge Base.
Our goal is to keep this helpful information in simple highly summarized and interesting format and to connect to other people and resources who have the same objective, believing that Life and Life Values do not have to be complicated in order to be effective. In fact it is better if they are simple and easily applied. 
If You have any ideas/resources to contribute please make contact through the Contact Us page on our Main Menu and provide a brief summary of your suggestion. We will then consider your proposal for adding to/extending our library and network of helpful material and links.
Please be aware this Group is entirely Voluntary and Non Profit and we will respond appropriately as soon as practicable.
Thank You for Visiting Our Site
May You Receive Wisdom Favor and God’s Very Best Blessings
Learning Places – Special Interest Club